IoT/Industrial IoT,  System of Systems, Autonomy,  Algorithms,  Analytics,  Complex systems 

ISAAAC is a multinational academic - industry, not-for-profit initiative.

We build global alliances and ecosystems of high-profile partners in academia, industry and national governments


Salamanca/Madrid (HQ ES) - Cambridge (USA) - Dublin (IRL) - Munich (GER) - London (UK)

ISAAAC is a multinational academic - industry, not-for-profit initiative whose mission is to build global alliances and ecosystems of high-profile partners in academia, industry and national governments.

ISAAAC projects design, build and bring to the market next generation soutions, catalyzed by R&D.

ISAAAC is building structured bridges between partners to collectively work with customers creating solutions to solve their challenges.

ISAAAC brings innovation in business operations to augment the digital transformation of the end to end value network. This is a precondition for the emerging digital supply chain management.

membership network

Membership is strictly by invitation only.

For leaders driving techology based solutions, innovations & benefits for their organizations

Cross-industry membership & top-level networking for executives and experts from different verticals, academic and scientific institutions, companies and public authorities.

Curated & moderated global expert exchange

Admittance for particpation in the ISAAAC network on request & according to ISAAAC Board decision.

Collaboration opportunities with leading experts in academia & science, economy and civil society

We deliver top-level knowledge, expertise and state of the art-insights, by bringing in and connecting you with our ISAAAC associated senior experts in Europe, North America, APAC and LATAM.

ISAAAC is hosted in Europe by

Salamanca University Science Park

The Association aims to advise, facilitate, enhance and promote technological development and innovation at national and international levels by focusing its activities on promoting implementation of new models, research, development and innovation in the areas that include but not limited to business and academic, public or private initiatives.

The Association will serve as a vehicle between the business and academic world that channels relationships between the two in order to build and foster global collaborative networks, design next generation solutions catalysed through innovation, research and development, and promote activities, initiatives and projects that are of interest at local, regional, national or international level.

The Association will focus its activities in the fields that include but not limited to: the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, System Systems, Autonomy, Algorithms, Complex Systems and Analysis and Supply Chain Management. 

more to come soon...