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ISAAAC, a high-level international initiative to be hosted in the Science Park University Salamanca

Juan Manuel Corchado, Vice-Rector of Research and Transfer and General Director of the Science Park of the University of Salamanca, has signed a collaboration agreement with ISAAAC Executive Director, Dr. Domingo Sánchez-Zarza, and the Secretary General of ISAAAC, Mr. Thomas Kapitza.

ISAAAC is an academic-industrial initiative aimed at building global alliances and partner ecosystems in academia, industry or national governments to foster solutions, innovative products and services. 

The collaboration between the University of Salamanca through its Science Park and ISAAAC will be a bridge between companies and academia to build and/or catalyze global collaboration networks, R & D to design next generation solutions and promote activities, initiatives and projects of interest at local, regional, national or international level. This initiative opens the door to new opportunities for collaboration for companies located in the Science Park.

ISAAAC Advisory Group is represented by leading scientists and experts from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland and other distinguished organizations around the world. The ISAAAC leadership team includes Executive Director Dr. Domingo Sánchez-Zarza, a former student at the University of Salamanca and Secretary General Thomas Kapitza of ISAAAC in Munich, Germany.

Dr. Shoumen Datta will be the General Advisor of ISAAC. Dr. Datta is the former Vice President of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and affiliated with MIT and Harvard Medical School. 
The experience of ISAAAC includes, but is not limited to: IoT (Internet of Things), Industry 4.0, System Systems, Autonomy, Algorithms, Complex Systems, Data Analysis and Supply Chain Management. The verticals (sectors) include: health, transportation, energy, manufacturing, aviation and robotics, among others.

The ISAAAC team in legal and financial matters establishes its base in Salamanca with Javier Palomero Sierra as Legal Advisor and Víctor Martín Morollón as Financial Advisor of the initiative.


President´s Perspective

ISAAAC has grown into a solid initiative from an alliance of people sharing common passion, believes and interests in shaping a sustainable future through technology and innovation. For the past three years the idea has been moulding and strengthening and has transformed itself into a reality and an organisation supported by prominent intellectuals, pioneers and organizations worldwide. 

In this period of short and rapid changes, it is necessary to delve into new models of collaboration to achieve novel and disruptive solutions based on sustainable approaches in order to tackle existing and future challenges.

ISAAAC seeks to explore the different models and dimensions of IoT/Industrial IoT-Systems of Systems –Autonomy – Algorithms –Analytics-Complex Systems, and their impact on modern society, including how they are shaping and changing the collective mentality, habits and behaviours of modern individuals and societal groups. ISAAAC is aimed at innovative solutions in the areas of Transportation & Aviation; Manufacturing & Robotics; Healthcare & HIT; Finance & Fintech; Energy & Agriculture.

ISAAAC will also create networks and an oriented ecosystem which will interconnect different knowledge areas and disciplines thus fostering the cross border research, strategic projects and partnerships. It will expand our current high level network of top leaders in Academia, Industry and Government who will lead the growth of the ecosystem based on solid ethic principles and responsible behaviour.

We always have lived in the society called network and the current global scenario highlights the importance of new network models that integrate the pillars of knowledge of social structures. Networks are part of our nature. They are have multidimensional forms and interact based on principles of trust and reciprocity.

ISAAAC headquarters are based in Europe and the Science Park of Salamanca University is its host organization in Spain. Salamanca University is one of the origins of modern knowledge, education and research that celebrates this year its 800 years anniversary.

ISAAAC has been also making progress in establishing the co-host agreements in Germany, Italy, Ireland, UK, Scandinavian regions among others. Our structure counts with operational base in Brussels, London, Dublin, Munich, and Madrid including global strategic alliances in Academia, Industry and Government who are interconnected through ISAAAC ecosystem.

The initiative also seeks to foster ethical and responsible leadership in its entire dimension, therefore creating an environment for socially responsible business and sustainable development of society with high ethical and human values.

Secretary General´s comment

Digitization and its underlying technologies are changing the scientific challenges, verticals and economic sectors, business models, societies and human behaviour. In these times of digital transformation, it is increasingly important to provide up-to-date expert knowledge and expertise exchange to stakeholders globally.

Generating scientific results and use case knowledge in the field of IoT/Industrial IoT, Supply Chain, System of Systems, Autonomy, Algorithms, Analytics and Complex systems, is the opportunity to combine scientists and decision makers in a direct and unique way. We will bring together world-class scientists and experts from top science institutions with leaders from governments, public institutions, business sectors, companies and civil society to address strategic challenges and new opportunities in multidisciplinary projects.

ISAAAC expert groups focus on latest technology, system transformation, techological adoption and ethical aspects. Hence it is important to be aware of global data science developments and new technology across national borders and to incorporate the future effects and potentially disruptions into modern strategies at an early stage.

ISAAAC is proud to partner with leading scientists from Europe, America and Asia to build a global multidisciplinary initiative to support the development and deployment of new data & information technologies in an efficient, sustainable and beneficial way.

ISAAAC developes and extends its activities fast, and we will keep you updated.