Science Park Salamanca University

ISAAAC Association Headquarter and ISAAAC Host in Spain are established at Salamanca.

ISAAAC host is the University of Salamanca (USAL) and ISAAAC HQ Office is located at Science Park of Salamanca (SPS).

SPS is an initiative of the University of Salamanca (USAL) whose mission is to house new research and development structures that attempt to take better advantage of the knowledge generated within the academic and entrepreneurial contexts, promoting research and the transformation of its results into technological and industrial innovation within the framework of an Open Innovation Ecosystem. With this underpinning, in July 2005 USAL initiated the creation of the Science Park Foundation as a strategy to strengthen the interaction between the University context and Industry, based on a connection between the University, different Companies and the Public Administration.

Within the ecosystem of business entrepreneurship developed by USAL, the SPS is a keystone that offers entrepreneurs in the sphere of influence of the University all the space they might require and at the same time carries out support projects for such entrepreneurial initiatives. This is done in parallel with the development of a strategy aimed at attracting consolidated tractor companies that have synergies with those already up and running at USAL and that are interested in coordinating efforts with businesses resulting from entrepreneurial projects.

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