Ignacio de la Cueva López-Chaves, B.Ec.

Financial Advisor ISAAAC Association

Economist. Head of the tax and accounting department.
Bachelor in Economic and Business Administration from the University of Valladolid.

Ricardo De Vicente Jiménez

ISAAAC Association HQ Team,  MSc, Aerospace and Automotive

Ricardo De Vicente is a Freelance Consultant advising startups in the fields of Strategy, Operations and Entrepreneurship. He has worked as a Senior Consultant inTransactions Advisory Services - Corporate Finance in Ernst&Young. He also worked in Sales & Strategy for BMW Group, as Management Associate in its Global Leader Development Programme, both in BMW’s Headquarter in Munich and in its Spanish Sales Company in Madrid. Prior to that, he worked in Shanghai for IAESTE, negotiating contracts and partnerships with companies, associations, Consulates, Embassies and Chambers ofCommerce in China.

Ricardo studied Aeronautical Engineer in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Universität Stuttgart, and has a Master of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

Being fully engaged in the startup ecosystem, he has been involved in the development of many of them, he has been awarded two full scholarships by the European Institute for Entrepreneurship and the Founder Institute, and has been constantly progressing through entrepreneurship experience and formal coursework.

His experience and specialties include: strategy definition, planning and implementation, business and marketingplan modelling, sales and financial projections, business intelligence, market research and identification of opportunities, competitors analysis, fund raising, operational alignment, compensation and incentive plans, performance and general management.

Among other side projects and achievements, he is mentor at AMCES (Spanish Association of Mentoring and Consultancy in Entrepreneurship, Startups and Social Economy), he has been selected as Talent in Asociación Celera (Fundación Rafael del Pino), he co-developed an award-winning business plan at “Actúa UPM”Start-up Competition, member in different Commissions of the Model European Parliament in Spain and Slovenia, member of the Airbus’ Aircraft Design Competition winning team and presentation at Airbus Future Project Offices in Hamburg.

Dr. Fernando Josa Prado

ISAAAC Association HQ Team,  Biochemistry & science diplomacy

Dr. Fernando Josa Prado is a researcher and professor in the fields of biology and biochemistry. More specifically, he has an interdisciplinary experience having worked in molecular neurobiology, miRNA pathway biology, cancer cell biology and biochemistry of antitumor compounds against cytoskeleton. Fernando’s passion and compromise for Science and the Society of Knowledge led him to be involved in the formation of the society of Spanish Researchers in UK, where he founded and was director of the South-West Constituency and in 2014 upon his return to Spain he co-founded the association of Scientist Returned to Spain (CRE) of which he is the Founding President. He has been invited to contribute to researchers’ panels for European Commission projects about Research Career Development and the integration of Academia and other sectors such as the industrial sector (PIPERS, EURAXIND). He also co-founded directed the Madrid branch of the science outreach festival PINT of Science. He was invited to be a member of the international committee of the Spanish Planetology and Astrobiology Network (REDESPA).
Fernando is also interested in entrepreneurship from science and technology. He obtained his biology degree (5 years licenciature) and the Advanced Studies Diploma (D.E.A., postgraduate diploma) at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. During his D.E.A. Fernando worked on Alzheimer’s Disease in Prof. Jesús Avila de Grado and Prof. Félix Hernández group at the Molecular Biology Center – Severo Ochoa (CBMSO) in Madrid. Later, he was awarded with a prestigious MSCA ITN fellowship from SyMBaD Programme to do his doctoral studies at the University of Bristol (UK) under the supervision of Prof. Jeremy M. Henley, working on the cell and molecular biology of SUMOylation machinery. He obtained his PhD in 2014. Afterwards, he carried out a postdoctoral period at the Biological Research Center (CIB-CSIC) in Madrid.
Fernando has expanded his interests and understanding for the ecosystem of R&D and Innovation by taking an entrepreneurial programme at the prestigious IE Business School (Accelerate: Building Business from Science and technology). In addition, amongst other studies and diplomas Fernando holds a master’s degree in Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis from the Instituto Erickson de Madrid and is a Level II National Fencing Coach (Royal Spanish Fencing Federation, RFEE).

Víctor Martín Morollón, LL.B.

Financial Advisor ISAAAC Association

Lawyer and Social Graduate. Responsible for labor, civil and commercial departments. He works for Martin & De la Cueva Company, Salamanca. Expert in civil and commercial mediation.
He holds a Law Degree from the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija in Madrid and Diploma in Labor Relations from the University of Salamanca.

Javier M. Palomero Sierra, M.Sc.

Legal Advisor ISAAAC Association

Attorney at law and Legal Advisor in  Spain since 2009. Office in Salamanca since 2012. Before that Javier worked in different legal areas like Legal Advisor in diverse companies (banking, new markets, renewable energies, civil works) in Spain.
He holds Legal Degree (University of Salamanca), a Master of Law at I.E., Madrid, and Doctor in Private Law (University of Salamanca).

Cristina Vicini, VICINI STRATEGY

ISAAAC Association HQ Team

Cristina is a digital innovation and entrepreneurship expert with the European Commission in Brussels and a certified board member and advisor to HighTech companies and NGOs in Europe and North America, with an edge in International Business and Strategic Marketing, Cross-Sector Innovation, Sustainability, Deep tech and Digital transformation.In her career, Cristina held management and leadership positions with technology Blue Chips (Microsoft, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, Volkswagen), with the international public sector and as an entrepreneur, with experiences spanning from R&D, strategic positioning and multi-million business development, up to C-level P&L executive roles in Europe and beyond.In the industrial automation sector, Cristina led the international development of the family-owned company – electro-mechanical engineering and manufacturing for the medical devices’, packaging and automation sectors –a.o. obtaining a new technology patent in the USA (non-invasive bio-medical sensors) and negotiating the creation of the new spin-off. Cristina serves on the board of the Club of Rome – EU Chapter (circular economy, clean energy, smart cities, etc.). Cristina is Italian, holds a Masters of International Management from Boston University and a Masters with honours in Computer Science from the University of Brussels.